Tia Zoldan


When I was nine years old, my father brought home a huge blank canvas for my brother and I to experiment with. My brother lost interest within minutes as I continued to paint my little heart out. When I finished, I insisted that my parents display this masterpiece upon all the others in our house. Growing up with art collector parents, I was exposed to a surreal amount of amazing abstract art from the 70’s and 80’s.

My passion for painting grew and grew and the canvases got bigger and bigger. The feeling I experienced when I was deep into a creation is still the same feeling I get today. It’s like a rush of contentment and I don’t want it to end.

As a teenager, I painted everything I could get my hands on … my bedroom walls, my furniture, my clothes, even my duvet.

College opened the door to so much more creativity, though now I couldn’t afford my big canvas habit, so I started taking pictures with my mothers old Canon. This medium opened up a whole new perspective on art, and how to train my eyes to see the real message behind the artist’s story. I dove head first into taking pictures and developing my own work, to soon realize that photography wasn’t much cheaper that painting. So I continued painting and I haven’t stopped since.

For the past 10 years, my continued work as an interior designer has provided me all the blank canvases a girl can dream of. Interiors can be art themselves, and the process of design is much like the process of a painting. Absorbing the right color, texture, depth, scale, and mood are all necessary elements in a successful room as well as a painting. Art can transform a room like nothing else; it is what turns a beautiful room into a spectacular room.

All of my work has been commissioned by my clients, who whole-heartedly trust me to put the final touch on their homes, something I find ultra flattering and is the best part of my job.